Our team fills in the gaps so that Owner/Operators can stay focused on running a Kick A restaurant. Need someone to talk to the team about benefits? We can talk benefits all day. Need someone to handle employee onboarding? We’re experts! We’ve been in this business for a long time and have processes, procedures and guidelines for EVERYTHING.

A quick glance at what our humans can help resource:

  • New Hire Onboarding through Alliance Payroll Services
  • Assist with background checks (credit, employment, criminal and driving record)
  • Assist with medical insurance (enrollment and termination)
  • Assist with worker’s compensation claims
  • Assist with unemployment claims
  • Advise on compliance with Human Resources laws
  • Assist with other Human Resources questions/issues
  • Annual Form 8027

Our outside payroll service provider, Alliance Payroll, allows us to offer a pass-through discount to all of our clients. So, not only are we managing the entire payroll process, but our clients are also getting a steal of a deal on pricing. We offer:

  • Payroll processing through Alliance Payroll
  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax filing and reporting (940, 941 and W-2’s) through Alliance Payroll
  • Auditing of employee payroll deductions

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