Restaurant Operations Management Services in Austin, TX

This group grew-up in this business, together – like in the same restaurant. They’ve gone from pizza delivery drivers, to GMs, to District Managers to the leaders of a multimillion-dollar business. They’ve worked open to close for grand openings. They’ve hired and trained some of the best in this business.They have truly lived every nightmare and dream that can happen in a restaurant (they have the greatest stories).

This group has been through it all and has boatloads of experience. Our Operations team has a process for writing processes. They do things systematically because they know the importance of procedures in restaurants.

Our operations teams can help with:

  • Food Cost analysis
  • Labor Cost analysis
  • Financial Statement review and analysis
  • Assist with hiring and training management staff (General Managers; Front of House/Back of House, etc.)
  • Implementation and/or review of food safety procedures
  • Development of performance-based incentive plan
  • Implementation of facility maintenance schedules
  • Menu pricing analysis and recommendations
  • Product Quality analysis
  • Key Controllable analysis and best practices
  • Gross Margin Reporting
  • Itemized Cost of Sales Reporting
  • Develop inventory procedures with ongoing analysis
  • Monthly audits

Operations means different things to different people, so if you don’t see something listed here or have questions, reach out! This team is pretty much invincible when it comes to restaurant operations management. Don’t believe us? Just watch!