Put simply, we are your partner. We help find balance in the crazy and exciting world of restaurant. Our clients are some of Austin’s favorite eateries. We help with bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, operations and all the fun in between. Maybe you’ve started a cool new concept that Austinites LOVE and you’re so busy churning out tastiness that you’re getting overrun with invoices, payroll and all the paperwork – we can help. Or, maybe you’re an attorney that’s ready to launch into the pizza world (our founder did this) – we can help here too! You’re probably visiting because you have a restaurant or two, or maybe you have an idea about a restaurant, or maybe you heard about our rock-star team. Whatever the case, we’re ready to help. We’ll help find balance and see your restaurant dreams come true.

Click around and get to know us. We’re a lean team but we do big things. We work hard and celebrate our wins (and birthdays). We’re all foodies at heart. So even if you happened upon our page searching for restaurant equipment (we know a guy), send us your takeout menu – we order out often!

How We Started

Ever heard of Bill Boone? He’s kind of a big deal around here. He’s our founder and fearless leader. In 1990, Bill founded Foodservice Management Systems as a result of merging several restaurant operating groups. He saw a need to streamline processes like payroll, accounts payable and other daily operations. He wanted to take some of the clerical work off the restaurants so they could focus more on service. Bill quickly learned that other restaurants could use FMS’ help and recruited his daughter Jenny to lead the development of client services. In 2011, FMS merged with a restaurant accounting company to expand financial and bookkeeping services. In 2018, FMS took over another restaurant accounting company adding more services and clients to the mix. 2018 also brought about a name change. Bill and Jenny decided to simplify FMS to Balanced – because it defines what we can do for all aspects of a restaurant, and it sounds cool. Today, the company has grown into a full-service restaurant management and financial services provider, working with multiple restaurant concepts and managing sales in excess of $50 Million annually.